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Club Evening 10

It was back to reality this week on the evening 10 course with the wind turning to a gusting south westerly making conditions ‘eye wateringly’ hard.

Mike Anton swapped his Canon camera for his TT bike and complete with carbon disc wheel and aero helmet [full bling] won in a time of 24.57, taking a full minute on Paul Winkley at 25.58 with Andy Seltzer third 26.17.

An honourable mention for our guest Robin Johnson who rode his track bike in tennis gear having forgotten his cycling kit!
It only remains for me to say that the blood bags marked ‘Billy’ have nothing to do with me, I’ve never met any Spanish doctors and my DNA will be available as usual on many glasses at ‘The Ship’ on Thursdays.


Full results :
Mike Anton                     24:57
Paul Winkley                   25:58
Andy Seltzer                   26:17
Ted Boorman                    26:35
Ben Hardisty                   26:53
Stefano Arcidiacono            27:15
Richard Woodward               28:06
Steve Rollason/Rachael Webber  30:35 (2 up)
Ute Woodward                   32:33
Robin Johnson (Brighton Mitre) 32:38

Timekeeper:  Chris Daniels
Pusher off:  Mick Robinson
Marshall:    Lorraine Seltzer