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Club Evening 10

Club Evening 10 at Horne

The rain held off for the 14 riders who braved the gap in the weather that had left the circuit slippery and littered with debris and the odd remaining hailstones. Some good times in cold wet conditions.

Another good showing from our friends at Oxted CC.


Mark Bashford 24.01
Adam Grange 25.26
Jack Dennison 25.34
Mikey Weavers 26.00
Nick Martin 26.10
Geoff Watson 26.34
Ben Crick 26.48
Luke de Quay 27.05 (Fixed Wheel)
Simon Neave 27.35
Chris Filewood 28.17
Chris Kegtel 29.25
Daniel Filewood 29.47
Jimmy Hill 30.05 (Come and try it – first time trial)
Nick Waucer 30.52


Thanks to Chris Daniels (timekeeping), Richard Woodward (Pushing off), and Mike Anton & Russell Hicks (Marshalling) for spending an hour sitting on soggy verges while we cycled past.





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