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Club Evening 10

Mr P Blackmore reports……..

Given the weather we’ve had this summer I found it difficult to believe that this was the first evening we got wet, but I was reliably informed by the full timers that this was the case.

The gentle pitter patter at the start line developed into something more persistent once on the move. It was never heavy but there was a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in.

It was all too much for Mrs Seltzer who went looking for a towel after the first lap. Bit surprised Mr Seltzer who was marshalling, allowed this.

For my part, I caught Ted before the end of the first lap, who was clearly soft pedalling, but then I ran out of steam. SD cruised to the win on his road bike. Gary Williams, seemingly unaffected by the cold wet weather coming in a close 3rd.

The other notable ride was that of Ben Houston, finally getting out of the mire that is a 28 minute ten and producing a season best 27.

SD                23-21 
PB                24-37 
Gary W            25-13 
Ted               25-53 
Ben H             27-37 
Rob D             28-38 
Lorraine          DNF 

Steve Creswell    28-30 
Chris Spencer     27-28 
Robin Johnson     29-37 

Points update – SD is winning everything although Ted might get the handicap if he pulls his finger out.