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Club Evening 10

A quiet evening but a little damp on the roads, so still not quite the float night we’ve been waiting for, however some very impressive rides plus a few PBs – its been a while since we’ve had fast times like that – Steve Dennis clocked 21:58 on this course 5 years ago and before that you have to go back to Sean Yates whose record on this course is around the 21:25 mark (so legend has it).

Keith Lea 21.58 (Paceline RT)
Brindley Taylor 22.19 (Crawley Whs.)
Mark Bashford 23.22
Chris Balkham 23.28
Adam Grange 24.06
Chris Hewitt 24.06
Richard Heath 25.07

Ben Crick 25.19
Geoff Watson 25.26
Mikey Weavers 25.26
Russell Hicks 25.52
Luke de Quay 26.15 (fixed wheel)
Richard Woodward 26.17
Sam Cottingham 26.53
Jaques Poulsen 27.47

Nick Walker 28.3
Pete Bedingfield 29.21 (slight mechanical)
Paul Hobbs 30.02
Hugo Hewitt 30.52 (mechanical)
Lindsay Balkham 31.38

Gemma Hayes 32.05 (mechanical)

As usual our friends from Oxted CC are in italics.

Thanks to Kevin Bashford and Oxted man for marshalling