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Club Evening 10

Another fine but breezy evening saw a good turn out with several riding their first 10 mile TT. Amongst those newcomers were Kelly Jarvis and Chris Welch both recording good times for their first 10’s although both with some experience from Triathlon races and now members of EGCC.

Thanks to Glynis and Maddy from Oxted CC and our Peter Bedingfield for Marshalling and of course Chris for time keeping.

Mark Bashford       23.24    EGCC
Chris Hewitt        24.08    OXCC
Adam Grange         24.26    EGCC
Paul Blackmore      24.29    EGCC
Chris Welch         24.55    EGTRI
Mikey Weavers       25.09    EGCC
Rupert Greatwood    25.39    
Nick Barratt        25.43    
Ben Houston         26.43    EGCC
Phil Clarke         26.50    OXCC
Dave Mycock         26.54    
Russell Hicks       27.03    OXCC
Sam Cottingham      27.18    OXCC
Kelly Jarvis        27.25    EGCC
Duncan Green        27.27    OXCC
Katherine Paskin    27.54    
Cass Humm           27.55    OXCC
Austen Reid         28.12    OXCC
Jacques Paulsen     28.25    OXCC
Toby McDaniel       28.52    OXCC
Jane Shrubb         28.56    OXCC
Lindsay Balkham     31.49    OXCC
Celia Caulcott      32.11    OXCC
Aimee Hobbs         36.00    OXCC
Gemma Hayes         36.06    EGCC
Andy Thornley       DNF      OXCC (off course)