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Club Constitution and Code of Conduct

Club Constitution

See Club Constitution (and Club Trophies) in attached documents below – as signed off at AGM Nov 2022


Code of Conduct for Social Media

Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.. etc) is a fantastic way for East Grinstead Cycling Club to share information with their members and others who may potentially be interested in the club.

East Grinstead Cycling Club recognises the enormous benefits of using social media, however there are times where sadly it may not be used in the right way. It is essential that members make informed decisions about how they use social media, to protect our club and our people.

Please consider the following points:-

  • Be respectful at all times – posts/comments can be viewed by all members.
  • Refrain from publishing comments that could be controversial or potentially inflammatory subjects i.e. politics, religion etc
  • Avoid hostile or harassing communications or comments that could be viewed as abusive, offensive or derogatory. Harassment is any offensive conduct based on a person`s race, sex, gender identity, national origin, colour, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or any other status protected by law.
  • Just because you think something is banter or a joke doesn’t mean other people will. People will not always feel confident to speak up if they are offended by something. They might even go along with it so as not to draw attention to themselves. Third parties might be offended, even if they’re not part of your conversation.
  • Only post cycling or club related subjects i.e. sharing cycling experiences, cycling related photos, organising informal social rides, training tips, promoting club activities.
  • The Club Committee reserve the right to delete any post or comment within any social media platform without warning or notice. Persistent inappropriate posting or commenting will result in being banned from the social media platform and/or club disciplinary action.

Think before you post!


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