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Club 13m Hilly, guess who won?

Mike Anton writes…..

Well Steve won by only two mins. The rest of us must be doing something right!

I don’t know if it was the wind but I was really quite jittery on some of the descents. And then there was the double decker bus along towards Withyham. Had a bit of brown shorts moment trying to squeeze past it and an oncoming car……

Thanks to Mr Seltzer Snr for kindly taking up photo duties for the early finishers.

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Paul Blackmore writes…..

In what were excellent conditions (compared to the usual thunderstorms) the riders only had to contend with a howling gale, and of course the mountainous return to the finish line at the top of the forest. SD chalked up another win, although without the special hat, his time was not of his best around the course. Nevertheless, he still won by 2 minutes. 33-49.

A bit of a battle was expected for second between AS, PB and MA. In the end Mike (PB) Anton came out on top, 30sec clear of Andy and 1 minute up on PB. Mike has put a string of personals together this year from 10 to 50 miles, and no doubt adding the 100 as soon as he rides one. Surely a 12 must be on the cards. So despite all the football on at the moment (must have the turbos in front of the telly) Mike’s 35-45 clearly shows hes been putting in the miles. AS recorded 36-16, PB 36-43.

Ted got 5th in 39-58, his lighter frame giving him a minute or so advantage over the slightly larger frame of PW.

Ute was the only lady to start and her 51-19 was a pretty good effort in the conditions.

Overall the gap continues to widen with SD increasing his lead, helped by the extra points available for these hilly events. He has a 4 point gap in the Vets category, AS keeping in contact in 2nd. MA return to racing means he jumps back in the lead in the senior comp, helped by the fact that he was the only senior to ride! Ute has now opened a big gap in the ladies comp. Finally, SD leads the handicap comp as well. I did try.

Next week its hilly again. Not only hilly but twice as far, one for the long distance specialists. Almost 25 miles starting at Staplefield. Wouldn’t bother if I were you!

Full results :

Dennis S        0:33:49
Anton M         0:35:45
Seltzer A       0:36:16
Blackmore P     0:36:43
Boorman E       0:39:58
Winkley P       0:41:02
Hardisty B      0:41:13
Woodward R      0:41:34
Harris P        0:42:37
Malins M        0:42:49
Cole J          0:48:55
Berkenhoff U    0:51:19

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