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What clothing do you need ?

Traditionally riders wear lycra (or similar material), the main reason being for comfort and function.

A typical lycra cycle jersey will wick away the sweat on a hot day and keep you comfortable. It will also have pockets at the back for all the essentials, phone, inner tube, fruit bar etc.

The most comfortable shorts to wear are bib shorts, which will include a pad to keep you comfortable on the saddle.

A breathable winter jacket is a welcome addition to your cycling wardrobe in the colder months.

During colder months it’s very important to keep your feet warm. A good pair of cycling overshoes can help keep your feet toasty and allow you to carry on riding in the worst of the winter weather. Overshoes are generally made from either thick neoprene or lighter, windproof, fleece-backed fabric. They’re designed to keep out the cold and the wet – with holes at the bottom to allow your cleats to connect with the pedals.

Tip – buy overshoes that are larger than you think you need as you don’t want them too tight. So if you have medium size feet, get size large overshoes