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Christmas 10 and Lunch

I trust the good people of Horne will have recovered from seeing various Father Christmas’s and elves cycling round their lanes, together with a cow riding a 1940’s delivery boy’s bike. Yes our annual fun TT and Christmas party went off well with record numbers, swelled by some of our Oxted CC friends.


For the record the “results” were as follows:-


Steve Dennis       22.58

Adam Grange      24.28

Paul Winkley       25.39

Dik Kingdon Jones & Chris Balkham Oxted CC ‘2 up’    25.45

Luke Dequay       26.04

Geoff Watson     26.19

Kevin Bashford    26.52

Russell Hicks & Austen Reid Oxted CC ‘2 up’    27.06

Ben Crick             27.06

Steph Arcidiacono 29.04

Simon Neave       32.04

Paul Hobbs & Aimee Hobbs(aged 10) Oxted CC ‘2 up’  34.43

Santa Claus aka Pete Bedingfield  34.45

Dylan Hardisty (Aged 12)  27.30 (2 laps) 

Richard and Imogen Woodward (Aged 6, nearly 25.52 (1 lap)

John Geal (Sunnyside Scorchers) 27.50 (1 lap and rapidly deflating tyre)


All the best for Xmas and 2015,



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