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Christmas 10

Christmas 10 photos can be found here or under the Photo Gallery page

A rather soggy group of cyclists in EGCC and Oxted kits were today seen riding around the circuit along with the warden from Dad’s Army on a 1900s electricians bike, a reindeer pulling a sleigh, some elves, and other festive characters.

Chris Daniels timed proceedings, and the results were as follows (most did 3 laps of the bottom loop):

Hannah and Lisa Beck 16.57
John Geal 18.4
Steve Dennis 22.28
Imogen 23.1
Mark Bashford 23.12
Chris Balkham 23.24
Chris Hewitt 24.3
Luke de Quay 26.22
Russell Hicks 27.16
Paul Winkley 27.19
Daisy 29.12
Steve Garrow 29.19
Hugo Hewitt 29.55
Ivor Hewitt 30.55
Ted Boorman 31.21
Andy Thornley 32.03
Simon Neave Off Course

Thanks to Chris for timekeeping, and Gemma for organising & everyone who helped put on the lunch.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!