Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Christmas 10


Steve Dennis                 0:23:41  (3 laps)
Paul Winkley                 0:26:41  (3 laps)
Richard Woodward             0:28:33  (3 laps)
Ben Crick                    0:28:41  (3 laps)
Simon Neave                  0:29:50  (3 laps)
Michael Diebel               0:30:01  (3 laps)
Paul Turner                  0:31:11  (3 laps)
Peter Bedingfield + Rudolf   0:36:17  (3 laps)
John Geal                    0:31:30  (2 laps)
Ted Hardisty                 0:19:50  (1 lap, aged 7)
Juliette Houston             ½ lap    (aged 4½)
Santa Claus                  DNS      (but did sign on)

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off, Mike Anton for photos

After the ride everyone retired to the Golf Club for some well deserved hot food and a chat.

Special mention to Juliette Houston who at 4½ years old is possibly our youngest ever entrant in the Christmas ride.

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