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CC Breckland (District Championship) 12Hrs

Brian Phillips writes…

Well you’d have thought there would be something to say about 12 hours and 260 miles on a bike. Well it was 2 miles short of last years mileage! Perhaps something like ‘I’m glad that’s over’ or ‘never again’? Until next year anyway. Pretty uneventful I suppose and managed to avoid the heavy showers which cut across East Anglia over the weekend. No punctures either.

Did just over ten hours on the Trek Equinox ‘TT’ bike and then tapped out the last two hours on the circuit on the road bike (Giant). Bad feet the main problem, had that (in long events) for twenty seven years now, that’s when I rode my first 12 hour. Did 265 then and was second in the national Champs to Woodburn who did 269. I’ve probably done a dozen 12’s now so about time I did a 24 I hear you say!! Can’t print my reply here….

Seem to have got rid of most of the soreness now (Wednesday lunchtime) and digestive system settled down too. Must be that bottle of Shiraz I had at dinner last night! 12 fodder for me is not energy bars and gels but the rather old fashioned rice pudding (diluted 50/50 with water and swilled down from an open top bidon) and mars bars and bananas and ham and pnut butter sandwiches, all ingested with style while on the tri bars! Those bumps in the road break off excessive lengths of peeled banana and will rattle out the filling from a sandwich so you need to practice this fine art of meals on wheels!!

So all I need to do now is find some time and energy to do a better 100 for the national BBAR. I was 20 something th last year and will probably be the same again this year, but will try ……

And like last year I find myself in August not having ridden a single 25! Will post a couple of those hopefully before the year runs out, and inform the good folk who collate the data (Paul thanks). I’ll try to let you have my plusses too Paul.

Regards to all…. Brian Phillips

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