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B’ton Excel Open 25

Steve Dennis writes….

Steve Dennis (I know you’re getting fed up of hearing that name) secured another win by the skin of his tubular on sunday in the Brighton Excelsior CC 25 on the G25/93 Steyning course.

Last man off in a field of 66 riders, it was warming up quite nicely by the time he started. But with the heat came the wind and many suffered dearly on the long leg from Washington to the Shoreham fly-over turn. Those who still had the legs made up for it on the return though.

Main rivals of the day were Mark Winton of Lewes Wanderers and James Dear and Christian Yates both of In-Gear RT. With Winton puncturing and Dear off the pace, it was a close run thing between Dennis and Yates with Dennis getting the verdict by a slender 14 seconds.

“East Grinstead were confident about the team award too with Paul Blackmore and Mike Anton on the start list. They did not disappoint either with Paul recording 58:29 and Mike with 1:1:30 in only his 2nd or 3rd race this season, we won quite comfortably from GS Stella”.

1st    S. Dennis   53:39
2nd    C. Yates    53:53
3rd    J. Dear     55:23

Team:  EGCC  2:53:38

Anton corrects Dennis’s above comment….

With my woeful performance this morning, I’m stunned we blagged the team prize. Still, in best testers excuse making tradition, this was my first open solo of the year….

I should also add that James ‘off the pace’ Dear had taken 5 mins out of me before the Shoreham turn.

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