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B’ton Excel 25, thank you for coming

Mr Anton reports…..

Steve totally blitzed the field this morning, winning by over a minute.

Conditions were pretty good, the light northerly wind helping on the A24 leg, which isn’t actually as fast as it looks.

I was off n#5 and managed to catch 3 of the folk off before me without too much trouble. 2 minute man Rich Weatherstone of Crawley CC was quite a bit more elusive but I eventually passed him on my way to 58:39, a 2 sec PB improvement.

Steve was off N#40. Having gone back up the course to the 8 miles to go mark, I shouted to him that it was a head wind back from the bottom turn. Not entirely sure if this advice helped but he did pass at least 6 riders in the course of the morning.

1st Steve Dennis 53:59

2nd Graeme Stirzaker A3CRG 55:03

3rd Tristan Davenne Api Metrow 55:14

Special mention must go the organiser Keith Balcombe, who had made arrangements with the road resurfacing contractors.

The Steyning bypass was to be closed that morning for 2 weeks for resurfacing work. Keith got them to delay work until after the event so well done the contractors and Mr B.