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Brighton Mitre Hilly 25

Steve Dennis writes…

As the weekend progressed the races got longer and harder. Monday was a Hilly ’25’ promoted again by the Brighton Mitre CC and started at the top of the Devils Dyke near Hove. Such is the notoriety of this course that only 33 brave souls entered it, three of whom being EG riders.

The gentle breeze at first light had become a gale as the first riders were pushed off just after 07:30 and first Grinstead rider off, Ben Hardisty was plummeting down Saddlescombe hill not long after. It’s a frightening decent of 50mph plus, with pot-holes and gravel strewn everywere after last winter’s ice. And then, after you’ve done nearly all the course, you have to climb up it again to the finish!

Ben finished in 1hr 15mins 39 secs. Also riding was Stefano Arcid*%$£^#no (or Stef for short)! He was having a bit of a ding-dong with the guy who had caught him for a minute and Stef wasn’t having any of it, that is until he shipped his chain on the last hill and had to get off to put it back again.
Stef finished up doing 1:10:38.

Meanwhile Dennis was having a trouble-free ride, the only things getting in the way were the hills! Eventually recording a sub-hour ride of 59:57 – not enough to beat the flying Tadros again who did 59:07. Some way off his best around this course, but nevertheless a fine ride in the conditions.

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1  Peter Tadros   In Gear       59:07
2  Steve Dennis   EGCC          59:57
3  Ian Brogden    Eastbourne  1:04:23

Stefano Arcidiacono  1:10:08
Ben Hardisty         1:15:39

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