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Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

Mr Blackmore reports…

Saturday afternoon I rode the Brighton Mitre hilly 10 with Richard Woodward for company. I was off early, and after warming up in a hailstorm the skies cleared and I had a dry race. The first half of the course, which starts at Wisborough Green, is through the lanes and had a tail wind. Onto the A272 though and a very strong cross wind made bike handling difficult. More difficult was Fox Hill and then again some challenging wind conditions on the fast descents before the finish.

I recorded 24-47 which was a best on that course for me. Shortly after Richard came in with a 30-29. To my surprise only 3 guys beat my time so I had to hang around to collect my winnings of an Easter egg and bottle of wine. Chris Birch was fastest with 23-10.

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