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Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

Steve Dennis writes…

The Easter weekend saw a handful of East Grinstead riders in action, some even racing three consecutive days (much to their wives/partners disapproval!).

On Saturday, Jon Carter and Steve Dennis headed over to Kirdford near Billingshurst to ride in the Brighton Mitre CC ’10’, which certainly lived up to it’s ‘hilly’ description with the climb of Fox Hill just east of Petworth.

39 riders faced the time-keeper under threatening clouds, but the rain held off leaving only the blustery conditions to contend with. Jon recorded 28:22 while Steve was exactly 5 mins quicker in 23:22, some way off the pace set by winner Pete Tadros (In-Gear RT) who clocked 22:17.

1  Pete Tadros   In-Gear Quickvit RT  00:22:17   
2  Steve Dennis  East Grinstead CC    00:23:21   
3  Guy Powdrill  London Dynamo        00:23:36

Jon Carter  00:28:21