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Brighton Mitre Hilly 10

Mike Anton writes…

If I have my facts straight, G10/44 is the only 10 G course that I hadn’t ridden and thus needed to be done. So having been rather lax in getting entries off this year, I entered both the Saturday 10 and Easter Monday 25.

Claire and Stef had also entered the 10, with this being Claire’s first open 10. Talk about a baptism of fire!

A reccy on Friday in pouring rain didn’t bode well for avoiding the puncture fairies on the day but as it was the conditions were good if not somewhat overcast.

This was my first open 10 as an old fart, sorry vet, so taking in to account the sodding great hill mid way round, I was hoping to at least match my vets standard time of 25:30.

The course undulates on country lanes out of Kirdford to Petworth where it joins the A272, up the aforementioned hill aka Fox hill, before rolling mainly down to the finish at Wisborough Green. I managed to catch my 2 minute lady before Petworth but was very conscious of trike course record holder Mike Marchant starting behind me but didn’t dare look back to check his progress.

I never saw Stef but caught Claire up Fox hill where she looked to going very comfortably. Down the other side to the finish and a quick about turn to join Josie on snapping duties.

For some bizarre reason we both had a horrible time catching folk, possibly because I was trying to be too arty doing slow pans on a blind corner with traffic, and Josie having to contend with a camera that took exception to its batteries.

Anyway Mr Tadros of the In Gear parish blitzed the opposition to win in 22:19.

I finished on 25:31 registering my first negative vets time whilst Stef clocked 26:48 and Claire flew the East Grinstead ladies flag with a strong 35:49.

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