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Brighton Mitre 10s

Mike Anton writes…

I first rode this event in 06 when it was just the hilly 10. Robin Johnson changed the format in 07 to incorporate other 10s using fixed, hub gears, road bikes and so on and I shot the 07 and 08 events where it tipped down on both years so was fully expecting another soaking.

Also in a moment of stupidity I decided to enter both the ‘Bling’ and the hilly 10, which is essentially an 8.5 mile warm up for the Steyning Bostal hill climb.

The weather was just on the cool side when I set off for the Bling event though I felt fairly comfortable on the way out. In fact the legs felt fine after riding the Wheelers ’41’ the day before *, though the turn arrived in just under 12 minutes and I knew it wasn’t going to be a good trip back.

Shouting encouragement to Ben as we passed each other, my hopes of a long 23 went out of the window as I grovelled up to the finish with a 24:15. Not my worst time round here but still…..

Now the weather forecast had said the rain was due to arrive in the afternoon but by my watch it arrived at 8:26, just as I set off for round 2.

Things felt fine in the rain and if anything the wind had dropped. Unfortunately I was even slower to the turn and was caught by my minute man, Tristan Court before the Bramber rab. Last year I snapped Tris riding up the climb on his tri bars so I knew I had to try and hang on to him if possible.

Fortunately I did manage to catch him again on the climb and either in a gesture of generosity or pity, he didn’t come back past despite me wheel spinning 42 X 25 up the wet road. I got to the top 1 second behind Robin to clock 28:40. This was good enough for fourth though that was out of a field of nine……………..

Pete Tadros, fresh from his 17th place in the National 10 convincingly won the bling event in 20:56 and Ismael Burdeau claimed the hilly title with 25:37.

Ben clocked 25:41, a perfectly respectable time on a course that is trickier than it looks.

* The Wheelers 41 is quite a scenic and sporting course. There were two people with GPS’s on their bikes and guess which two riders out of a field of 13, went off course? To make matters worse, one of these riders is the course record holder and answers to the name of Dennis, Steve!!

Club results
Mike Anton    24:15 and 28:40
Ben Hardisty  25:41

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