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Bec CC 25

Steve Dennis reaped revenge on respected rival Keith Coffey of the BEC
CC in his own clubs’ open 25 at the weekend with a 13 second winning
margin. The previous weekend’s 10 having being in Coffeys favour by 11
seconds, Dennis set about putting the record straight in the BEC CC’s
promotion on the potentially fast G25/53 Broadbridge Heath / Crawley

A full field of 120 riders faced an unusually nagging headwind out to
the Crawley turn which must have demorallised
a few judging by some of the times. In return though you got a blast
back again, and if you could keep it going, it wasn’t too bad up the
drag to Hop Oast and onward to Southwater.

Three other EG riders also took part. These being: Paul Blackmore, he
finished in 57:43; Richard Woodward (1:02:59), and Kevin Bashford (1:03:
38). Dennis’s winning time being 52:55, our own Richard Blackmore was
official timekeeper, and ‘paparazzi’ Mike Anton was taking the pics.

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