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Bec CC 25

Making up the numbers

I had a crash in May – silly thing, my own fault, showing off – Wife wasn’t impressed either.

I broke the end of my collarbone [distal fracture] which caused quite a bit of damage elsewhere. The surgeons have done a great job of screwing it back together but its only just sorted itself out and despite riding on the turbo almost immediately its meant taking a sabbatical from racing – not ideal.

I’ve ridden a few 10’s now but clearly have lost a lot of speed and seem to have an increased waist measurement – I’ve thrown the bathroom scales in the bin because they are clearly defective.

I decided to ride some 25’s again after our annual holiday so entered a couple. The first of which was this weeks BEC event on the Horsham course. I wasn’t expecting great things, this is by no means being negative, just realistic.

Steve Dennis, Kevin Bashford and myself were down to ride [Ben Crick had already sent his apologies] We had start times late in the field so I wouldn’t have to raise my carcass from bed at ‘stupid o clock’.

If we’re all honest sitting at the start we’ve all had ‘demons’ saying ‘What the heck are you doing here’, its natural and it passes given a few miles. The Horsham course these days comprises of two laps and as I started I promised myself I could always ‘pack’ after the first lap and simply ride back to HQ if the time was too embarrassing. Just before ‘the turn’ on the first lap I was caught by a couple of riders one of whom, my two minute man, ended up winner [Chris McNamara] but I did catch a couple slower of riders myself .

I enjoyed the first lap so much thought I may as well do another. The metal in my shoulder wasn’t making its presence felt for once, but I really must change my saddle. The ride was not without pain, a time trial never is, finishing in 1.05.10 some 7 minutes shy of my PB and a good 4 minutes slower than this time last year, but wasn’t last by a long way.

The message is this – just enter and ride. There are a lot of people slower than you. I’ve marshalled events and been amazed by the difference in riders and machines – some are really good and ride to win but others don’t care and take the attitude ‘you time it I’ll ride it’ and long may they compete.

My plans for the rest of the season? I’ll be making up the numbers and thoroughly enjoying it!

Before I forget, congratulations to Steve Dennis who recorded 53.16, 2nd overall and first vet on standard.


1st Chris McNamara [Pedal Heaven] 52.18
2nd Steve Dennis 53.16 [+ 15.10 on VTTA standard]
Kevin Bashford 1.02.38 [+6.41 on VTTA standard]
Paul Winkley 1.05.10 [+ 4.54 on VTTA standard]