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Bec CC 10

Good turnout from EGCC with the following riders entered: Ted Boorman, Steve Dennis, Paul Winkley, Ben Houston, Paul Blackmore, Steve Rollason (under Crawley Tri colours) and Ben Hardisty.

Steve Dennis   21.08
Paul Blackmore 22.15
Paul Winkley   24.27
Ted Boorman    24.45
Ben Houston    25.27
Ben Hardisty   26.17

Steve Rollason Crawley Tri 24.34

Winners time Gordon McCauley  Poughman Craven/Evens RT  19.43.

“The sun was in my eyes” said Ben Hardisty (after suffering his worst time for 2 years)

Catch all the action on Mike Anton’s photography website here pics from event

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