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Ashdown Forest Hilly 13

Warm and windy conditions at the top of the Forest attracted 14 riders which is quite a good showing for this hilly event. Mark Bashford continued his good form in the evening series with another win, but there were also honourable mentions for Adam, Andy, Simon, Luke and Mike all displaying “super-grimpeur” skills. Not forgetting John Geal showing everyone that these sporting events are not just for the youngsters.


Mark Bashford       0:34:34
Adam Grange         0:37:02
Andy Seltzer        0:38:07
Simon Neave         0:38:50
Luke de Quay        0:39:29
Mike Anton          0:39:37
Ben Hardisty        0:40:31
Scott Taylor        0:40:43
Paul Winkley        0:41:08
Richard Woodward    0:41:14
Nick Martin         0:42:03
Jeremy Winkley      0:45:01
David Martin        0:45:34
John Geal           0:60:10



Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping and Richard Blackmore for pushing off.