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Antelope RT 3up TTT

Brian Phillips writes…

The original idea was to have an old Manchester Wheelers reunion team of John Woodburn, myself and Eddie Adkins. As it turns out Eddie was committed and ended up riding in another team. So our third man was David Marshall who has already ridden several 2-ups with John.

So i went into this with the expectation of it being quite a casual afternoons sport and turned up on my road bike complete with triple chain set (ready for the Fred Whiton Challenge in May) These guys were rearing to go and I was struggling from the start, more on account of my lack of race fitness and preparation than anything else.

When it settled down we worked reasonably well together but its clear I’ve got work to do and must also resolve to take these things seriously! The day was dry, cold and windy and the winning teams time of 1hr 5mins was exceptional. To put it in perspective Sean Yates and partners did 1hr 8mins last year on a similar day. I certainly like the team time trial as a discipline and I hope to be back there next year.

The event was sponsored by European Antennas !

Do you know if there is any interest in entering a team in the national 3-up? Entries close in early June and I think we’d need to choose a provisional team during April and slot in some training sessions as a team during May to thrash out how it would work. Let me know if you get any positive feedback on this one. Have a good Easter in the sunshine.