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Anerley BC 50

Steve Dennis writes…

Having missed the chance to ride the SCCU 50 back in June due to being on holiday, I entered the Anerley BC’s event on the same G50/53 “Roundabouts” course based at Broadbridge Heath.

I say “roundabouts” because you have to negotiate 44 of them over the entire route. 45 if you count the one just after finishing, when you’re just about to fall off!

A fine morning dawned. Not too warm and not too windy either – until about 8 O’clock when a nagging north-westerly got up. This made the going tough on the Southwater to Great Daux and Crawley to Great Daux legs that had to be tackled twice.

East Grinstead had three riders down to start. Kev Bashford was off at 06:31, Ted Boorman was off nearly an hour later at 07:27 and me at 08:00. I started fast – too fast I thought, especially when faced with that north-westerly on the way back from Crawley or Tollgate hill to be more precise. Good job you only have to do that leg the once.

I went through 25 miles in 51:41 and then started to tire, but (after going out to Crawley for the second time) you had a good push down the A24 to Southwater again and then all that was needed was the last little slog northwards to the finish at Farthings Hill.

I crossed the line in 1hr 43mins 45seconds which as it turned out was fastest by 8 minutes, and another PB for me on this course. Unfortunately we had no chance with the team award which went to the all powerful Bec CC who had 3 riders under two hours whereas we had Kev with 2:07:12 and Ted with 2:12:24 as our counting riders.

Ride of the morning has to be that of 15 year-old Germain Burton, riding his 1st 50 mile event in a time of 1hr 53:11!

1st  Steve Dennis    EGCC          1:43:45
2nd  Lee Turner      Sigma Sport   1:51:56
3rd  Keith Coffey    Bec CC        1:52:46
4th  Shaun Kennedy   Bec CC        1:52:53
5th  Germain Burton  Team De Ver   1:53:11