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Andy takes the honours

Ben Hardisty writes…

Depleted by the holiday season the latest club ten attracted only 8 riders, but they were rewarded with lovely warm and sunny conditions accompanied by a light south easterly wind.

Andy Seltzer took the honours on an evening where most riders either did a season’s best (at Horne) or were very close to it.

On a personal note Rob Dickson and myself have been battling all season long, with usually only a few seconds between us. Last night Rob finally managed to edge ahead – well done to him !

Good to see Matt Willis back at the evening TT even though he was only marshalling – hopefully we will see Matt racing again shortly.

Full results :
Seltzer A     0:25:04
Siwicki M     0:25:21
Boorman E     0:25:26
Winkley P     0:26:18
Dickson R     0:27:01
Hardisty B    0:27:09
Horrigan N    0:27:42
Cole J        0:31:20

Marshall: Matt Willis

Marek Siwicki writes…

Another hot night out on the Horne course. I had managed to get in a good
60km ride before the TT going out to Ashdown Forest which was fantastic in
such great weather. I was a bit worried that my earlier efforts may mess
up my TT but thankfully I managed to get what I think is my best time so
far on this course.

My heart rate monitor seems to have gone wrong, which
is good in some ways as I thought that my heart rate was very weird stuck
at 60%. I just kept an eye on my speed throughout the course. I was
thinking that it was not a great time as my legs felt quite heavy on the
straight section around the back of the course but it was not that bad
after all. Andy put in a great time.

On that way back Andy and I rode together and someone threw a plastic
bottle from a car at us. It hit Andy on the head, luckily he was wearing
his helmet, but not surprisingly he was very shocked. It does make you
wonder about the sense of people these days, that could have been extremely

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