Andover Wheelers MM 10

Chris Kitchenham writes…

First race of the season, Andover Wheelers 10 on P613 at Thruxton, testing all of the winter hard work. 22:02 and 8th place in great weather conditions did not tell the whole story as I had a great start and flew on my brand new Felt DA to the turn.

On the return leg a slight headwind did not slow me until 8 1/2 miles as the road starts to go up I tried to hold too high a gear and blew up and ended up staggering across the line struggling to beat 20mph for the last mile which is a continual false flat in a pretty bad state, watching long 21 float away in a bath of lactic acid!

Chris Kitchenham  00:22:02     
Alan Starsmeare   00:24:08