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An evening of PBs

Paul Blackmore writes:

22:22………Who’s been faster than that!!!

Steve Dennis produced a truly top class ride last night to win the evening 10. The quality ride, probably a personal best for the course, came on a good night which for once didn’t warrant leg or even arm warmers. Sporting a new aero hat, Steve quickly tucked into that aerodynamic position as seen on telly and produced a ride few have beaten.

Despite being caught at the end of the first lap by SD (obviously a factor in that great ride), then being dropped by almost another minute, PB scrapped home in 2nd place with 24-18. Just behind Mark Bash recorded 24-36 and Andy S was the 3rd rider to duck under 25 with 24-59.

Ted got the better of Paul W this time round, 26-15 to 26-29, both producing season bests on the course. The battle continues…….

Most riders did their best times this year, Lorraine S doing a good ride but not enough to prevent Ute taking the lead in the ladies comp.

Not surprisingly SD leads all competitions he qualifies for, but he has a battle in the vets, being tied with AS in the vets and leading by just a point from PW in the handicap. Still a way to go though.

A quiet night for the seniors, MA again a no show (leaking valve on rear tub) yet still clings onto the lead. Rob D picked up good points and is now 3rd just 3 points down.

Full results :

Dennis S               0:22:22
Blackmore P            0:24:18
Wise P (GB cycles)     0:24:34
Bashford M             0:24:36
Seltzer A              0:24:59
Truelove C (GB Cycles) 0:25:01
Boorman E              0:26:15
Winkley P              0:26:29
Hardisty B             0:27:19
Dickson R              0:27:32
Arcidiacono S          0:27:39
Horrigan N             0:28:24
Rollason S             0:30:55
Berkenhoff U           0:32:06
Williams S             0:34:11
Seltzer L              0:36:09

Marshall: Richard Woodward