Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.


This week’s guest rider was Max, a friend of Marek. Max had come down from
Hampstead in North London, which is nothing if not keen!

The seven of us set off from the Dukes Head via Smallfield. For some
strange reason we ended up going through the Crawley industrial estate, and
a portion of the A23, before reaching Charlwood.

Normal service was resumed on the country lanes to Capel and then across to
Forest Green. The run through Holmbury St Mary saw some of us exercising a
little caution as there were signs of frost, and the roads were wet enough
as it was.

The stop saw us piling into the tea room at Abinger Hammer for a well
deserved drink and a warm up.

The return saw the field start to split up through the ascent towards Leith
Hill. A slight ‘detour’ saw us going back round the hill before finally
turning south towards Ockley.

Previous runs to Abinger have invariably produced mechanicals, mishaps or
both. This week’s winner was Mr Winkley who missed a tight right hand
corner and went to inspect some undergrowth. Fortunately he was OK and we
resumed the run back towards Rusper.

After parting company with Paul, Marek and Max, Steve, Andy, Richard and
myself continued on through Faygate upto Colegate and across to Pease
Pottage. Steve and Andy went ahead and Rich and I trundled on through
Handcross up to Turners Hil in glorious sunshine.

See you next week for the run to Shoreham airport


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