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a3crg 25

Paul Blackmore writes…

Dennis gets first DNQ! Steve Dennis and Paul Blackmore headed out to Liss near Petersfield for the A3crg 25 on the ‘fast’ P881 course based on the A3 on Saturday.

Arriving a little behind schedule and in the rain, PB had a quick change and arrived for the timekeeper for a 1836 off. Unfortunately the calm evening conditions hoped for failed to materialise and a fairly strong southwesterly was blowing under cloudy skies.

Off 14 minutes later Steve Dennis caught his 2 minute man by the end of the first lap. But at Ham Barn roundabout instead of going straight across Steve went left and past the finish line – which was actually how the course is normally run – but due to traffic calming the new 881 stays on the A3. Thinking he’d gone wrong he turned but then saw his 2 minute man coming down the road, so turn round again and headed off – in the wrong direction. But this old route is the same distance as the A3 route and Steve arrived at the marshalled roundabout for the turn but from the wrong direction.

In comparison PB had an incident free ride just failing to catch ESCA President Mark Jones of the Stella for a minute. Back at HQ Steve Golla was fastest with 52-00, Steve was on the leaderboard in 2nd with a 52-21, PB 11th with 55-39.

However once all the riders had come in the disqualifications started getting posted and Steve was one of 8 or 9 riders who did the wrong course. Good news for me though I came 10th!

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