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a3crg 25

Maddy Lee Smith writes…

Last night was the mid summers night dream 25 tt. This had been sold to me as a super fast 25 miler on which to get a pb. It is very popular and any man without a previous sub 57 minute was turned away, not sure what the women’s cut off was but I found myself on the start line with a handful of other women.

My preparation wasn’t great as my tt bike had no wheels, saddle or pedals and hadn’t seen the light of day for over a year. Managed to get it ready although the set up wasn’t very good and certainly wasn’t very comfortable. Was really looking forward (hmmm) to trying out my special ‘hat’ specially purchased from eBay just for my pb attempt.

The course was not as flat as I’d hoped but I seemed to be holding good speed to halfway a few slight up hill drags seemed to sap my energy and speed but made sure to keep focus. The organisers had kindly counted down the miles with 10 to go which helped with knowing when to really go for it. I crossed the line with 59:46 on the clock.

Still feeling elated for breaking the hour even though 66 other riders also managed the same. One my main goals achieved for the year. The question is what’s the next goal……