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a3crg 25

Chris Kitchenham writes…

I entered this event a few weeks ago hoping for a good weather on the fast P885/25 course. A poor forcast and threatening weather materialised into a very warm evening with just a light wind, perfect!

30 second start intervals and a compulsary rear light seemed a little strange for an open time trial especially as after a fast start i could see my 1/2 minute rider’s flashing rear light after only a few hundred yards of the decent to the A3.

I was already realising I was going pretty well and made the catch at 4 miles, but was slightly irritated that they came back past me as we hit every drag for the next 17 miles! The last time we were spotted by a marshall and ‘I’ was warned for drafting! The irony.

At this point enough was enough and I rode the hardest mile of my life in the 53×11 and seemed to shake them off. By this time I knew i was on a fast one and just tried to hold it together over the last few miles and was delighted to stop the watch in 54.55.

Pretty pleased, pretty tired and pretty irritated to be part of a drafting storm back at the HQ, but looking forward to the rest of the season

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