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60th Anniversary Evening 10

Yes its 60 years since the first club evening 10 – please make a special effort to come along.

1  Ben Instone       22:26
2  Steve Dennis      23:28
3  Gary Williams     25:07
4  Matt Lucas        25:30
5  Mike Anton        25:36
6  Dan Lucas         26:49
7  Chris Kitchenham  27:05
8  Matt Potter       28:39
   Alan MacInnes     DNF   (shipped chain)

Timekeeper: Chris Daniels
Pusher off/Marshalls: Richard Blackmore / Mick Robinson / Andy Seltzer

From left: Andy Seltzer, Ben Hardisty, Richard Blackmore, Chris Daniels, Mick Robinson, Gary Williams, Stevie, Paul Winkley, Matt Potter, Chris Kitchenham, Alan MacInnes, Mike Anton.

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