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West London CA 25

Lazy Sunday

I entered an open time trial on the H25/2 at Marlow – first 25 of the year so expectations not too high – and it is still April!  Only problem I’d forgotten I had to present my regular radio show ‘Lazy Sundae’ this week on Meridian FM in East Grinstead at 12 noon.  This was further complicated by a low entry for the event and the start times being brought forward an hour!

So scenario was; drive to Marlow – 62 miles, start 08.48, ride 25 miles – 1 hour [ish], drive back, present show 2 hours.

Bit windy out on the course, after the first 4 miles my computer was showing over 32mph average speed. Round the turn with almost 26mph average – this was looking good. The wind never seemed that strong but it just saps your strength and I gradually lost all my advantage on the way back to finish 1-02-22 [24.24mph].

Back to the car, change shoes, legwarmers on, return number, ‘neck’ a large slice of fruitcake and point the Czechoslovakian express back down the motorway to East Grinstead.  I made it with time to spare. It wasn’t my best show, neither was it an outstanding 25 time and not surprisingly I did later fall asleep on the sofa!

I wonder if this could be a new weird sport. We could call it a TTDJ!