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Tour of Cambridge Team Chrono

Tour Of Cambridge Team Chrono – Make history with us – the UKs first ever closed road time trial

Noting the popularity of the Versilia TTT and Duo Normand, the organisers of the Tour of Cambridge have added a Team Time Trial (4-up) to their weekend of closed-roads racing next June 3 and 4.

You know it has to be done!

The ITT and TTT are both on a 26.5km rolling course with one short sharp hill, Saturday June 3 (possible to enter both).
The ITT is a UCI Chrono World Series event, qualifier for the ‘Chrono World Champs’ in France later in the season. There isn’t a TTT equivalent yet.
The Gran Fondo is 130km, closed roads again, Sunday June 4. Again, rolling course, no monster hills but exposed so practice your echelons! Like the ITT it’s a UCI Gran Fondo World Series event, qualifier for the ‘GF World Champs’ in France.
Age / gender categories for the ITT and GF. Not sure about the TTT.

GF entry is open now.
ITT entry opens 8 a.m. on Oct 3 (and for this year sold out in 2 hours, 800 entrants, so make your mind up and log in early if you’re up for this).
TTT entry opens Nov, 120 teams, will be popular as I bet loads of ITT competitors will want to do both these short events to pack the most into their weekend.

Good event, well organised, better than Ride London 100 which was way too crowded. A blast. (OK, for me, a plod !)

Peter B