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Evening 10

Images courtesy of the Barnes Family – more photos here

Another big turnout for the evening series and another win and PB for David Barnes. The glorious weather attracted 19 riders all of whom enjoyed the balmy conditions. Other riders managed PBs including the in form Ben Crick and junior rider Harry Hardisty.

David Barnes          23:51
Mark Bashford         24:11
Ben Crick             25:24
Mike Anton            25:25
Andy Seltzer          26:14
Maddy Lee-Smith       26:42
Richard Woodward      27:05
Paul Winkley          27:19
Paul Turner           28:33
Luke de Quay          28:44
Vince Edwards         29:36
Timothy Evans         29:36
David Martin          30:29
Michael Diebel        30:40
Peter Bedingfield     30:41
Gemma Hayes           31:30
John Geal             32:18
Harry Hardisty        32:39
Nick White            DNF   (off course)

Many thanks to Chris Daniels, Richard Blackmore and Simon Neave for Time keeping, pushing off and marshalling duties.