Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening 10

For the final evening 10 of the ‘summer’ the riders were once again greeted by windy and wet conditions. The Dennis family returned from their hols to take the club honours, winning both mens and ladies events. Mike Anton took second with Andy Seltzer third.

While Alan MacInnes and Emily McLoughlin both recorded personal bests, Ben Hardisty and Rob Dickson recorded their worst times of the year, but were happy enough for the work out. Never easy to motivate yourself on a dark, wet and windy evening.

Unfortunately Stef Arcidiacono punctured and Matt Willis slipped off his recumbent when starting, shipping a chain and decided to retire.

Newcomer Harris Coombs turned up on a rather heavy looking mountain bike complete with knobbly tyres and posted a 38 minute ride which under the circumstances he should be pleased with. If he borrows a road bike next time out on this course he will probably see a 5 minute improvement.

Next week sees the end of season hill climb taking place as usual near the Weirwood reservoir, 6.45pm start.

1  Steve Dennis     23:40
2  Mike Anton       25:10
3  Steve Shaw       26:02
4  Andy Seltzer     27:18
5  Alan MacInnes    27:26
6  Drew Holmes      27:44
7  Ben Hardisty     27:46
8  Rob Dickson      29:17
9  Emily McLoughlin 29:24 (pb)
10 Carla Dennis     32:14
11 Harris Coombs    38:43
   Matt Willis      DNF
   Stef Arcidiacono DNF   (puncture)

Timekeeper: Chris Daniels
Pusheroff : Mick Robinson
Marshalls : John Geal & Richard Woodward