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ESCA Hard riders 15

Richard woodward writes…

For my second TT outing of the year, Paul Winkley and myself met up at Bodle Street Green for the ESCA Hard riders 15.06 mile TT around the quiet but hilly roads of East Sussex.

The day was a beautiful sunny spring morning with only a slight North Easterly breeze this made a nice change from last year when the weather was atrocious.

Paul was off first at number 11 with me off 15 minutes later. Paul was experimenting with a new handlebar set-up on his best TT bike whilst I was on my best road bike complete with GPS on my handlebars just in case I got lost on the quiet cow pat covered lanes. Needless to say I didn’t get last and finished with a time of 46:53, 9 seconds off my best time for this course with Paul 3 seconds behind at 47:00.

The event was won by the pre race favourite, Peter Tadros, in a blinding time of 36:03 to set a new course record, besting Mike Coyle’s previous record by a massive 1 minute 24 seconds also the Hill prime and team winner and ESCA club winner to boot. Coming in second overall but first Junior was the rising star, Felix English at 38:31 minutes.

Winner: P. Tadros  36:03
2nd     F. English 38:31

Also ran
Richard Woodward  46:53
Paul Winkley      47:00