Club Runs


The meeting point for all Club runs is in front of the Atrium Cinema on King Street.

On Saturdays there are two Club runs.

  • The steadier paced of the two meets at 08:45 to set off at 09:00. The average pace of these is about 12mph and the typical distance covered is between 25-40 miles. The rides are led by an experienced member of the club and aimed at novice or inexperienced riders looking for shorter rides.
  • The speedier group meets at 9:00 to set off at 9:15, averages 15-16mph and covers 40-60 miles.

Sunday Club runs meets at 9:00 to set off at 9:15, average 15-16mph and cover 40-60 miles.

The group always reforms at the top of hills to ensure no one is dropped and there may also be times, where possible, that the group is split based on ability.

A cafe stop of around half an hour for a rest and refreshments is a feature of all Club runs and we therefore advise you to bring some method of payment should you wish to refuel.

Riders are advised to bring a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers and perhaps a multi-tool. In the event of a ‘mechanical’ the group will stop and help if required.

Sensible clothing is advised and is a matter of common sense depending on the weather and road conditions. It is also more pleasant for everyone if your bike is fitted with mudguards on wetter days.

The rides are open to anybody with a road bike (not a mountain bike)

Participants must be 12 years of age or over and an adult must accompany riders under 16 unless you have a prior arrangement with a club member who is riding.

Club runs will generally be cancelled when ice is a hazard on grounds of safety.