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Club Evening Hilly 13

Club Evening Hilly 13

GS/898 Ashdown Forest course

Showers before 7 made anyone who decided to ride out to the course a little soggy. The rain stopped in time for the racing, but some corners were slippery, and it was hard to maintain traction on the early hills. Nonetheless, some good times were set tonight.

Mark Bashford EGCC 35.43
Tom Seller Oxted CC 36.19
Adam Grange EGCC 36.21
Richard Heath Oxted CC 37.13
Mikey Weavers EGCC 38.19
Nick Martin EGCC 38.44
Luke de Quay EGCC 39.26
Chris Filewood Oxted CC 39.31
Richard Woodward EGCC 41.3
Russell Hicks Oxted CC 42.39
Jacques Paulsen Oxted CC 43.35
Jeremy Winkley EGCC 43.56
Paul Harris EGCC 44.24
Steve Garrott Oxted CC 48.36

Thanks to Chris and Richard for running another good event.